Friday, April 11, 2014


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I'm breaking the silence to say have a Great Friday- and choose to be Happy!
xo, Amy

Friday, January 31, 2014

Exploring France

These are my last photos from my trip to France. I really enjoyed travelling around the villages and admiring all the old architecture, plus most of the villages are very cutesy. France is so different than the United States in so many ways, especially the way they preserve things. I'm sure many of these buildings are hundreds of years old but they take care of what they already have instead of just building new like we do here. I also love the fact that they have markets most days of the week. I don't know if it's just because I live in Salt Lake but I would love to be able to go to a market more than just on the weekends! 

These photos were taken in Montpellier- the closest large city to where my Grandparents live. My grandpa calls it mini Paris and some of the main streets really do look like Paris. 

Another day we took a trip to see the Millau Viaduct and it was breathtaking. Apparently it's the tallest bridge in the world (fact of the day!) and if you are ever in the South of France you should definitely go see it :) - but here are a few photos
So worth the trip. Can't wait to go back!


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Christmas Day

I know this post is a little late, we have put the holidays behind us haven't we? But I still wanted to share my little taste of Christmas in France. Most of my trip was pretty laid back and Christmas was no exception. We spent the day around the fire drinking wine, playing cards, and watching my grandfather prep dinner :)
Our little Christmas tree and presents from Papa Noel

For dinner we had roasted tomatoes and shallots, veal chops, and polenta. Simple but delicious!
The newspapers are the grease guard- not a fire hazard.....

The finished product! My grandpa did a great job
After dinner we took a walk, AKA our "constitutional". The neighbor down the road is a vigneron, meaning that he grows the grapes and sells them to the co-op to make wine. Because of this, all of the property around my grandparents house is surrounded by grape vines - not such a bad thing!

Sunset on the grape vines. France, you are beautiful.
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Monday, January 13, 2014

Food in France

Lets be honest, what is better than food in France? I'm drooling just thinking about it. The markets are amazing with lots of fresh fruits, vegetables and, my personal favorite: the bread and desserts. Food is definitely something the French get right. 

Fresh pasta  

 Candied fruit for christmas

One of each?  

 trying to keep the vampires away...
 I ate (almost) all of these by myself.. the Pistachio, chocolate, and caramel are my favorite :)

Fresh gnocchi we bought at the market
Mmm baguettes.. there needs to be a bakery here that sells baguettes for $1, or I just need to learn to make them myself (any recipe recommendations??)! Also, on the left you can see the santa's climbing the rope in the back of the photo. In the villages the French hang these off of their balconies for christmas. I should have brought one home!
Happy Monday!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Mediterranean Sea

Over Christmas break I took a trip to the South of France to visit my grandparents and in between drinking wine and playing cards we drove down to the Mediterranean Sea. It was simply beautiful, just as I had pictured it. Here's a few snaps from our visit to the beach.

^had to bring some shells home!

We also saw some wild flamingos while by the sea - have you ever seen wild flamingos? I wish I had gotten a picture but unfortunately did not. Next time!
It's snowing today so I am definitely missing the 50 degree weather there!
Hope you are staying warm!

xo, Amy

Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Years

I just wanted to start off and wish everyone a Happy New Year (and belated Christmas!)! I am especially grateful to put 2013 behind me. It was one of the hardest years for me yet but I am really looking forward to 2014. With a New Year comes new goals that I would like to set for myself (resolutions are too permanent for me ;). Some of my goals for 2014 are:

-Take more photos and learn how to use my camera more efficiently

- Start a journal

- Look for the good in things, instead of the bad

- Try something I have never done before ( I really want to try trampoline aerobics or maybe calligraphy)

- Cook more, waste less

- Go to bed earlier, wake up earlier

- Perfect a recipe (I also want to make better french macarons)

Hope you are off to a great start on your New Year goals/resolutions!

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Thursday, December 5, 2013

First Snow

Here in Utah we got our first (real) snow the other day. I guess my definition of real is when my car has basically become a mobile icicle, you'd never know we have fleets of plows here, and I begin to contemplate buying the spikes for the bottom of my shoes for walking around campus (you know these ones?). But the snow is beautiful and every year I get excited for it. Here's a few snaps from around my neighborhood.

this guy must be freezing!

my new L.L. Bean 'duck boots'- hoping these will help me navigate campus in the snow :) and the camp socks aren't too bad either

Growing up in Maryland, the schools always got shut down if there was even a slight threaten of snow. Once school was cancelled we would all gather up to go sledding and play outside as long as possible before our clothes were soaking wet. My best friend Devin lived across the street from me and we used to go have 'adventures' in the woods behind our houses. Whenever it snows, even though it does a lot in UT, it brings back those feelings of getting lost in the woods and I still get giddy when I see snow in the forecast. 

School is almost over for me, one week of classes and one week of finals, then I make my way across the pond to visit my Grandparents for the holidays. I'm so excited to be in the South of France during Christmas and visiting two of my favorite people.

Are you studying for finals too? Click here for a good laugh (you know you want to procrastinate more ;)

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